Investing in great founding teams with Made for India approach to investing

Enabling Indian Entrepreneurs Build for Billions

Our Vision

To invest and support ambitious entrepreneurs who are embarking on launching products and services,
that serve the large Indian consumption basket very early in their Journey.

Our Made for India approach brings in


Access to startup friendly capital

Industry Experts

Plug n Play access to Industry experts


Customers, Distribution, Tech, etc

Our Sector Focus

We invest in tech enabled consumer startups with high growth and consumer adoption


Tech enabled Financial services is still nascent & currently led by traditional banking services, offering large canvas for new innovations in areas like insurance, P2P, consumer banking, ETF, Credit models.

Retail tech

Retail technologies & platforms as a sector is still very nascent in India. While there is some headway in the B2C sector, India will witness massive growth around B2B, O2O, Retail technologies & AI/ML integrations with retail


Tech enabled Education has seen growth of over 55% CAGR. This sector will continue to offer opportunities to serve the youngest nation with new models

Extreme innovations

While the focus are the 3 sectors, we are always open to back great Indian innovations which has the potential to be large impactful companies of the future

Our Founder portfolio

We have over 30 early-stage investments made in the last 2 years and many of them have raised their subsequent rounds

Ecosystem partnerships

Our unique ecosystem partnership model gives startups access to Consumers, Global technologies, regulatory license/compliances framework and a unique launchpad to kickoff their journey.


Startups Reviewed


Early-Stage Investments


4X scale since invested


Million Indian Consumers

Our Team

The founders and the extended team come with very strong domain knowledge. Each of us bring in over 20 years of work experience across companies like Alibaba, Paytm, Google, Myntra, Flipkart & Yahoo. Our team has played a significant role in building some of these digital first brands at various stages. We have great understanding of India and the levers needed to scale a startup from 0 to 1 and beyond.

Bhushan Patil


Raveen Sastry


Sanjay Ramkrishnan


Natarajan R

Fund Ops & Administration

Our Approach

While Indian market offers a great opportunity in terms of size, it's also one of the most diverse/heterogeneous and complex markets to scale. It’s very different from some of the more homogeneous western and Asian markets. We are a group of entrepreneurs and domain specialists with very diverse skill set who have come together with the intent of helping entrepreneurs in their entire journey from seed to growth. We believe just capital will not suffice especially at the early stage for a startup to scale. The team needs other growth accelerators. Through our approach of "startup services" we hope to push more companies up the curve. Our approach rests on fundamentally 3 pillars Viz. People through an extended Network, Capital, Ecosystem through partnerships. Our portfolio companies will not only have access to capital but also some of the best execution minds in the industry and access to over 300 million Indian consumers & 10 million small and medium size businesses through our ecosystem partners

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